TILL SALU paket 2000 m2


paket 2000 m2


Between Gerakini and Psakoudia and at a distance of 70 km from the Thessaloniki airport, below the road near the sunday summer resort, 5 '' from the sea For sale amphitheatrical parcel with 2000sq.m. The parcel is licensed to build 200 sqm and water ... Price € 200000 | Property Code: # 718984 **** The cozyestate company and all its partners operate according to the Greek and European legislation on brokering. Property information and features have been registered based on the information and information provided by the client. With the suggestion of the property it is necessary to indicate your identity as well as your tax ID according to Ν 4072 / 11-4-2012 Gazette 86Α Cozy real estate Delphi 154 Τ. 2310811109 M. 6936030577 E. sales@cozyestate.gr www. cozyestate.gr

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