We have designed comprehensive and modern real estate services and cover a wide range of customer service. The real estate agents, our legal advisors and the engineers of our team undertake rentals, sales and renovations of residential and commercial premises, while in case you are the owner of a plot of land and are interested in consideration or have an investment property, we will design with you and for you a personalized utilization plan . We manage a dynamic portfolio that includes all categories of real estate. We have developed a wide network of partners so that you have all services in one place.






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In recent years, the real estate market in Greece has been recovering steadily, after a difficult period of instability and economic recession.
Despite this difficult and barren period, the phrase “a roof over our head” was always relevant and repeated in family discussions, establishing strong values, making the purchase of real estate a lifelong dream…
Investments in real estate and land were and remain the most reliable investments for Greeks, since they combine stability and security with high yields, making the real estate market one of the main pillars of growth and economy.
The real estate market is inextricably linked to the natural evolution of man.
It has nothing to do with simple consumer products, but with basic human livelihood needs “leveraged” with life dreams. In this exciting market, we invite you with the promise of a sincere, honest and professional cooperation.

Kourtis Athanasios

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