Our company

At Cozy Real Estate we have designed complete and contemporary real estate services and cover a wide range of customer care.

Our real estate agents, legal advisors and engineers manage renting, selling and renovating your house or commercial space and whether you are a holding landlord interested into a contractual consideration or you have an investment property, we will design with you and for you a custom made capitalization plan.

We manage a continually evolving portfolio which includes all property categories. Whatever it is that you are looking for, through our long time expertise as well as the up to speed upon the real estate market in Greece team, we will advise and provide all the information to succeed on your targets.           

Free of charge property evaluation
Over 7000 properties to suggest
Property promotion at over 10 portals in Greece and abroad
Custom made real estate services for investments

Through the broad collaborations network we have developed you are able to have all services in one place. At Cozy Real Estate you may make your new connection in power and gas, arrange your relocation, get a mortgage as well as insurance for your property and get connected to selected professionals, such as lawyers, notary, architects and decorators.

Our team of 20 specialized executives and the 2 offices in Thessaloniki continue to grow and develop since 2016.  

Cozy Real Estate