Golden Visa


A golden visa is a residence permit that is obtained after purchasing a property of a specified cost by citizens outside the E.U. region. The minimum price of the purchase must be at 250.000 € and it is not obligatory this amount to come from one property.

  • Getting a Greek residence permit requires an investor to first visit Greece on three occasions, with any type of visa.
  • The entire procedure takes three to six months, depending on the time needed to process property transaction documents and how promptly the applicant submits them.

Obtaining a Greek residence permit can be done in nine simple steps:


  • Choose a property.
  • Verify the documents
  • Get a tax number
  • Open a Greek bank account
  • Transfer the required money to the new account
  • Sign the Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA)

THE SECOND VISIT (1.5 to 2 months later)

  • Apply for residency 

THE THIRD VISIT (1 to 2 months later)

  • Submit fingerprints
  • Obtain residence permit

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